Gerhard will gladly paint a previous painting in a custom size to fit your exact needs. This can include elongating an image, or changing the placement or direction of elements in the painting.

Here is one example of a custom re-painting.

If you know the size of the painting you would like and you know which image, then you are all set to give a call to place your custom order.

If you are not sure what size would be best for your wall, we recommend using blue painter's tape, and adjusting it on your wall to determine the best total size for you. Then determine how wide of a frame you will be likely to frame with (average frame width 4" all around painting). Simply measure the tape, and minus the frame, and this gives you the size the painting should be.

Example: If your final framed size measures 36" wide x 42" high, minus a 4" frame in all directions, this removes 8" total off each dimension to make a total in this example of 28" wide x 34" high.

When you call, we will help you confirm that your measurements are correct to reach your final size.

As you see above, when an image is re-painted, it is typically very similar to the original. There will always be inherent differences in exact placement and colors, as each painting is truly unique, but the overall essence of each re-painted image will be captured beautifully.

Paintings such as abstracts may have more variance from the reference image.

Gerhard retains full artistic license in the exact use of color and placement of all items, but as you see in the above examples, he captures the beauty in each painting, with reasonable, minor variation.

Gerhard Nesvadba's paintings are typically completed and in-hand within 2-3 months from the date your order is confirmed.

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