Gerhard Nesvadba was born in 1941 in Darmstadt, Germany near Frankfurt/Main.  In 1943 his family moved to Vienna, Austria, the country which Gerhard continues to live today.

In his younger years Gerhard studied to be a businessman.  After his graduation he joined the military where he served for one year.  After his military service, Gerhard decided to pursue a life in the arts.

His earlier drawings and illustrations began with pen-and-ink, and he later became fond of painting with oil on canvas, which he is most known for.

This black and white illustration is one
of Gerhard's very early pieces.  Many of his earlier illustrations are included in 
The World's Largest Graphic Collection at "Albertina", in Vienna.

Gerhard in his painting studio in Austria

Gerhard's first group art show was in Stockholm in 1968, and after a number of other expositions, his first one-man show was in Copenhagen in 1971.  That same year, he was offered a position as an Art Professor but declined as he was already a successful, professional painter. 

Since his beginning as an artist, Gerhard has become an extremely successful painter.  His original paintings are highly collected by selective art collectors all over the world. 

Gerhard Nesvadba belongs to the small company of genuinely skilled artists who have an innate command of the foundations of light, composition, and color. Traditional in approach yet extremely personal in application, his rural landscapes and cottage scenes are effused with tranquil sunlight, and his love of painting is evident in every canvas he creates.

In 1994 Gerhard and his wife Hermine moved to Salzburg, Austria where he lives among The Alps, where he draws inspiration from nature all around him.


In 1962 Gerhard met a beautiful young woman, Hermine, and in 1963 they married and have been happily together for 50 years.

Together, Gerhard and Hermine began a large family, one daughter and three boys; Michaela born 1964, Leonhard born 1965, Gerhard born 1967 and Christian born 1977.

Gerhard taught his youngest son, Christian, how to paint in his home studio. Christian became a very successful painter from the late '90's until his very tragic and sudden passing in October 2008.  This was a very difficult time for the Nesvadba family, especially Gerhard and Hermine.

Today, Gerhard enjoys many hobbies and interests, many of which include his family's participation.

Fitness is among Gerhard's favorite interests. 

With his home among the beautiful and vast mountains of the Austrian Alps, Gerhard stays very active enjoying all the activities that nature has. 

Three times a week he goes running through the foothills in the mountains, and in the evenings enjoys exercising in his gym. 

He also enjoys mountain-climbing with his sons in the high peaks of the surrounding mountains, experiencing breathtaking views from the top of the world. 

Skiing is also a favorite pastime of Gerhard's, as well as a number of other physical activities.





Gerhard's personal garden is one of his favorite joys.  He draws inspiration from the many flowering plants in his well manicured gardens, and his garden has been part of exhibitions of exceptional home gardens. 

He has chosen a wide variety of flowers including pansies, petunias and lupines in all colors which he frequently references when painting. 

His serene garden is where he spends much of his family time as well, and gives him endless inspiration for his art.

Another pastime of Gerhard's is his love of fast cars.  He currently enjoys driving his BMW 535 with wife Hermine at his side.

Wine is a leisure part of life that Gerhard and his wife enjoy very much.  He enjoys wines from Bordeaux and Tuscany: Mouton Rothschild, Lafite, Masseto and others.

Gerhard's interests in music are wide. When painting he mostly prefers classical, including Bach and Vivaldi, and particularly Verdi, Puccini, Wagner and Mahler.

He also enjoys more modern music such as good jazz, boogie and rock n' roll.

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